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Environmental Design.



Our process is multi-disciplinary. Our team of architects, graphic designers, project managers and engineers work with wider design teams to develop beautiful, functional solutions.

Environmental Design

The built environment brings a brand to life, it’s the physical representation of you. How people experience your environment is how people experience your organisation; be they staff, customers, patients or students. The right design team will create a scheme that shows you at your best and delivers amazing experiences for your people.


Wayfinding needs to be right, consistently. A strategy helps you to develop standards an apply them across time and place. Great wayfinding is simple, easy to understand and a beautiful expression of your brand.


Procuring, project managing and installation is where things can go wrong. Detail is everything: good documentation, detailed drawings and accurate surveying are critical to later success. An integrated provider has the end in mind throughout the design development; meaning no surprises at the final hurdle.

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We're working with the Irish government to develop SMART signage. We're stripping things down to their basic and delivering a solution that eliminates client side software and delivers a seamless user experience.

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