We promote accessibility for all.


Above all else,we design for accessibility

Some key factors to consider when analyzing accessibility:

  • Safety and legibility of signs for all users is essential, visually impaired and non-English/ Irish speakers are a key consideration
  • Compliance with Irish Language Legislation
  • Provide a versatile way of displaying information, location maps, history and heritage
  • Clear contrast between panel colour and text colour and the extensive use of icons help all user groups to make intuitive choices, irrespective of age, language or culture

Part M Compliance 

Part M covers accessibility requirements. Within this there are guidelines for Signage which are in line with international accessibility standards. These standards should supersede any other guidelines in the specifying of signage. For example Branding Guidelines outlining brands colours etc. should be adapted for signage to ensure compliancy with Part M.

Braille & Tactile Classroom Sign

Guide to Accessibility & Part M Compliance

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