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Studying wayfindingand graphics

3rd Level Education

We have been very lucky to work on school signage projects with all of the major universities and institutes in Ireland. Most on a regular basis. By working closely with us you can be confident that your signage and wayfinding will be well thought out, consistent and long lasting. We develop blueprints for our clients that allow them to extend their modular systems in an intuitive, consistent way (no more 50 shades of indigo-blue). We also reduce total cost of ownership as you find yourself spending less time on procurement and replacements.

We’d love to meet you and discuss your overall requirements and what we can offer.

1st & 2nd Level Education

Schools are the most fun projects we get to work on. Creating a dynamic studying environment, conducive to learning is central to good design, but we also love to take some artistic liberties and create engaging environments that kid’s will love. We balance this with a sympathy to changing modern teaching methods.

We’ve developed a schedule just for schools and it’s made it simple to implement a consistent wayfinding scheme with custom design at reasonable costs. We’ve also designed it to be compliant with the Board of Education’s signage manual.

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