Hospital Signage

Architectural signage in a hospital can be challenging as the many different users are likely experiencing different emotions. You can expect for there to be high levels of anxiety among patients and visitors, but maybe not as much among hospital staff or various service suppliers. For the wayfinding system to be effective, it should work with ease and simplicity for all.

Luckily, over the years, we have created solutions based on the thorough analysis of traffic flow, user group and information need. Our wayfinding solutions are carefully and thoughtfully designed to work for everyone who is likely to encounter them.


The use of terminology is of particular relevance in hospitals. Medical names derived from Greek and Latin may not be familiar to the public. Likewise, long and or abbreviated names may be difficult to read.

To help ensure the ease of the wayfinding solution, terminology should be consistent, unambiguous and brief. The terminology should also have the same meaning for everyone to guarantee there will be no miscommunication. To help with the anxiety among patients and visitors, the terminology should always be formulated in a positive manner.


Symbols are also a good idea to consider when it comes to hospital signage. Symbols help add to the ease and simplicity of the wayfinding solution. Symbols are beneficial because they are easily recognised, they transcend language barriers, and they work well for children and the visually impaired.

Colour Coding

Colour coding is another way of helping patients, guests and staff navigate throughout a busy hospital. By maintaining a colour scheme for each floor, unit, or building, all users can find their destination more easily and with less confusion.