Our process is multi-disciplinary. Our team of architects, graphic designers, project managers and engineers work with wider design teams to develop beautiful, functional solutions.


The critical underpinning of good wayfinding is strategy. This goes past the immediate of what is to be achieved in the present moment to the development of a manual that can be applied over time to deliver consistency and expandability over time.

Journey Planning 

Entry and egress points are identified and circulation and traffic patterns are analysed to understand the users journey. From this a decision matrix can be developed and aligned to a destination schedule for perfect wayfinding, every time.


Developing a scheme that creates wow while complimenting it’s surroundings and the brand. In depth study of colour, typography, materials and finishes. Structural design and engineering to ensure longevity.

Wayfinding is


Customer Experience.

First Impression.

WayfinHatch Student Accommodation Wayfinders Signage Project

We create amazing experiences in the physical environment. We've worked with brands like Apple, Google and Facebook as well as cities, tourist trails, universities, hospitals and hotels.

Every project is unique. That’s what we love about our work. Some things always need consideration though:

Accessibility & Compliance:  We are internationally recognised as leaders in accessibile signage. We’re the ones you call when nobody else knows the answer. We’re also well acquainted with the legislation and planning requirements, an understanding of which is essential to a projects success.

Brand Compliance: We get brand. When we create we document everything and translate it into a manual that can be rolled out globally to make sure every building is done right. There is little point in creating something if it can’t be expanded and change with the environment it lives in.

Technology: We understand the opportunities and limits of technology and how it can help to deliver a great customer experience in the physical environment. We work with leading software and hardware providers for digital wayfinding, virtual mapping and augmented reality. We’ve even developed our own solutions where we couldn’t find anything that fit just right.


Wayfinding has the potential to be so much more than it's functional output. Through design and collaboration we create memorable experiences and a sense of place.